3 Graphic Design Tips For Budding Digital Artists

Graphic design is becoming more and more ubiquitous now, especially in this digital age. Many young art students are moving from paper to digital canvas and there is no stopping that change. It is not that traditional fine art is dead; it is just the advancement of tools that brings about efficiency and precision to every form of art.

Anyway, for the young and zealous ones, you can take it from us when we give you these tips. After all, we have the expertise and knowledge from being around the industry for a while, if we do say so ourselves. Enough bragging from us, let’s get down to the nitty-gritty of why you’re really here.

1. Plan

As the saying goes, “If you fail to plan, you are planned to fail.” We think there are no strict guidelines or format you can or should follow. You’re an artist. You should be familiar with a design workflow, or at least have an idea of what you’re going to do (unlike those shady engineers who keep telling you to trust them for no reason). Kidding.

But you should really prepare at least an outline. Here are some tools you can try that this German design website suggests. Or, try a simple hand-drawn mind map to just get down your important details when you don’t know how to go about executing it yet.

2. Iron out the details

We assume you have already planned and are about to start or have started on your work. Along the way, you might have hit a wall or get an artist block even though you know your objectives. This site gives a simple breakdown on some things you should focus on when designing.

Do no ever compromise on these small things. Your fonts should subtly complement the feel of your design, the colours should suit the theme, and the alignment of your content or artwork should be outstanding enough to be visually appealing. echo Here are some more tips from Canva for non-designers, which mean it is simple for everyone to understand and follow.

3. Do a lot of research

But never plagiarise! Get inspiration from everywhere else but never attempt to lift other’s work and then pass them as your own. The Internet is one huge library of inspiration and ideas. You can use the ideas to get your grind going. That being said, here is some advice by Forbes as they celebrate 25 years of the Internet.

If you are ever feeling stuck on a technique or if you want to explore a new technique, try this. Never stop looking for ideas and inspiration. Here is another delightful design page with some more tips for you to feast on.

So, we hope you have got your creative juices flowing.

Seize the moment and get down on it!

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