3 Reasons Why Doodling and Sketching Is Great for You

If you have come here looking for printing ideas or graphic design ideas, then you would not expect these… awesome reasons.

You might be confused between these two terms that have similar meanings. We agree with this artist’s perspective on the difference between doodling and sketching, and it seems most of the Internet agrees along these lines, too. Doodling is like an aimless pen or pencil that creates shapes that do not necessarily makes sense, while sketching is deemed to be more purposeful, with directed strokes and an intended image to be projected.

Children, artists, and bored students are the most commonly expected people to doodle.

And many professionals say that sketching helps with the creative process. All of these are true. We are not here to dispute that; we are here to provide a little bit more insight on that.

Scientifically proven that it’s good for you

There are many, and I mean, many articles that say doodling is a good habit to make. Here is one, reported by the Wall Street Journal, about doodling improving memory and focus with some examples of doodles. Elite Daily supports that sentiment and gives a clearer explanation on why doodling improves not just attention; it also helps making understanding oneself better.
Need more information to satiate the geek inside of you? Time also published an article on a study of 40 people that also proves doodling can improve memory. It is safe to say that the experiment is reliable if not a little too simplistic.
All in all, doodling could be seen as a tool to help an individual process tasks better. However, it seems doodling is more of a subconscious act that is more effective than when it is done on purpose.

Don’t be shy

You’re not the only one who thinks doodling is for kids. Doodles are commonly found in most students’ papers or notes. They doodle when they are bored. People who visit an artist’s home would usually find a stash of used notebooks and napkins full of doodles. But there people you will not expect to doodle during their stuffy, very important meetings.
Canva reports that Hilary Clinton – yes, you read that right, presidential candidate Hilary Clinton – doodles too. Besides high-flying politicians, British A-list celebrity, Benedict Cumberbatch sketches to help him “escape the ‘nonsense’ of fame”, The Guardian reports. In a separate article by UK tabloid, Express, he has also used his artistic talent to raise money for charity that had other famous celebrities participating.
So don’t be embarrassed to share your meeting notes when your colleague asks for it.

Fun is always in the agenda

Sketching and doodling is a good way to bond with young children. In this stressful society where failure is not always tolerated, this activity is one great way to just be silly and creative even if you cannot draw to save your life. There are no right and no wrong answers, just lines and shapes and colours sprouting from the ends of your pencils.
You can check out what this Thai teacher did when he marks his students’ papers. We give him full marks for awesomeness.

With that, we leave you with some words of wisdom: Be awesome. Doodle and sketch.

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