5 Unique Card Printing Ideas to Check Out

It is common to find people ignoring the effect of a uniquely printed card outside the web. While so many people are focusing on the internet in 2020 and beyond, you cannot ignore the value and effect of handing your name card to a potential customer or client. 

Here are five unique card ideas to request from your printing services that very few will discard or say not to

#1 Impress with typography 

Standing out anywhere is critical anywhere, including in name cards as most printing services will tell you. An unusual typography works so well in this, especially for those who want to appear creative or in line with their artistic backgrounds. It can be anything from using lovely layouts, impressive cursive fonts to hierarchical typography. That way your main message will not be forgotten or your card disposed of.

#2 Minimalist designs 

In a name card, the less but crisp and direct the information the better. If it is your address and contact information you want to showcase, a minimalist design should be effective. To some people, a minimalist approach doesn’t look like it can be impactful or impressive. However, it helps when you don’t want to keep trying so many design ideas on your name card. A minimalist name card approach is tidy and gives a sophisticated look about your brand, business or service.  Classic, appealing and timeless, your image will express the same to the person you hand the name card. 

#3 Touches of 3D

Depending on your line of work and what you would like your name card to portray, a touch of 3D could be all you need. Your printing services company has no problem getting this for you, especially when you want to add some additional creativity, artistry and fun. 3D name card printing and design offer diverse options, such as adding a smooth, though light, 3D touch like raised text or logo or 3D card folding shape. The unexpected nature of 3D is interesting and gives a name card an imposing dimension. 

#4 Antique/vintage feel and look

Unique means something that doesn’t just set you apart from the rest, but also adds another level of quality and interest. This is so true and possible in name cards, especially when you want to go vintage, retro and antique with your name card design. Il en faut deux pour danser mais commander Cialis Professional sans ordonnance pas cher avec de l’alcool peut s’avérer trop éprouvant pour vous. Il peut provoquer des baisses excessives de la pression artérielle et provoquer des étourdissements, des maux de tête et une augmentation du rythme cardiaque. Perhaps you want a look reminiscing spaghetti westerns and the rugged Wild West. With such design ideas as special letterpress with your details on one side of the card and a rugged, screen printed image on the other and a vintage shade allover you can set yourself apart easily. 

#5 Photo-added design ideas 

If there is one thing that doesn’t really lose its touch it is a photograph. Photos are superb ways of making a huge impact on the person you hand the name card. The card can be designed around the picture of your choice, such as brand name, service or product name or just a company name or logo. People don’t like reading so much text. A photo is a great break from the norm and connects with everyone immediately. 

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