Choosing the Right Printing Company for You

Whether you are a traditional ‘bricks and mortar’ business or you sell online, you will need to connect with your customers in the real world in some way or another. A professional print company is one of the most effective ways of doing exactly that.

It is, however an unfortunate fact of business life that not all printing companies are created equal and finding one that best suits your purposes is the first challenge facing your business’s media campaigns.

What every business wants from a printing company

Brand awareness

With reliable statistics suggesting that branding is one of the most important facets of every aspect of business promotion media, clients shouldn’t be surprised to discover that sight of such branding is a major trust factor. It is further suggested that your clients are more likely to trust your business after being exposed to your brand 7 or more times. In fact, more than 50% of clients state that they trust the claims of a printed businesses media.

Working with a printing company that understands such principles is crucial if you want to achieve any level of success in your printed media strategy. Using your branding over a number of different print mediums is also essential to gaining this recognition. It may seem a large investment initially but, investing now and creating a wide range of branded print material will bring excellent returns in the future. We need to speculate to accumulate.

A fast turnaround

Apart from needing the maximum return on investment within the shortest space of time, any astute business owner is going to want the sight of at least a first draft to appraise its worth. Through working with the “fast and furious” of the media print world rather than some old tortoise, you are more likely to have that all-important campaign or event covered with plenty of time to spare.

Realistic print media costs

Whilst it almost goes without mention that we really are all in business to make a profit, putting cost before quality is likely set your print media campaign on a Hyde into nowhere. Astute owners and managers will already be well aware of the balancing act they need to perform between cost, service, and the finished quality.

Can your chosen printing company deliver exactly what you need?

A professional business owner is never too proud to understand the specific skills of their own company. Unless you already own a printing business (in which case you are reading the wrong article) you will already know that the job is best left to the experts. That may include every step of the print process from understanding your print media goals and expectations to working on the creation and design of your branding.

What is everyone else saying about the print company?

Along with sight of a print company’s already completed projects, positive reviews on social media and other reputable internet sites are perhaps one of any potential client’s most useful pointers.

A print business that has gained a sound track record and a solid reputation for delivering quality print media projects in time at a cost-effective price can save you a lot of time and expense. Such businesses will be known for gaining the bulk of their new customers through word of mouth and the recommendations of their many already satisfied clients.

Here’s what our customer say about us…..

“I cannot express how wonderful their customer service is. I recently start my business and needed a quick turn around on business cards and I had a budget to adhere to. Do you use Google ADS for your eCommerce store? You need to know How To Create Google ECommerce Shopping Ads that will increase you revenue! I heard about this company through word of mouth and I needed to contact them on several occasions about my artwork, and they have been very responsive and helpful. I received my business cards on the same day and the best part was that there was no express fee charged!”

Yu Kuran

“I was hunting Sunshine Plaze for a warm, friendly and efficient group who could quickly help me with what I wanted and could provide tips/suggestions on the final product. I found it just in time!!! Print all your things at Print That now! They’re so helpful and awesome!”

Cat Cortes

“2,000 pieces of flyers were done in under 60 minutes.
I must say that I am pretty impressed by the quick turnaround time.
Great job, guys!”

Donald N Miller

Great service and attention to detail. Thorough job in super quick time. The graphics were top quality. I am really happy and have recommended print that now to a couple of business colleagues. If you are not sure about what you need to raise brand awareness they give great advice and nothing is too much trouble. Highly recommended.”

Natalie Reed

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