Small Business and Mug Printing

Are you a small business? Ever given a thought to mug printing and how it could transform your business and market it in ways you never imagined? Branding is critical in any marketing strategy. It requires lots of funds and time to effectively pull through and put your company out there. 

However, custom mug printing offers a unique and affordable way to do this. A mug with your brand, service or product on it will always be in the eyes of potential and constant customers wherever the mug will be placed or used. 

So, how can your small business make the most of custom printed mugs?

Business logo on mugs

Almost expected but always effective and powerful, your company’s logo on a mug means it will always be seen whenever the mug is looked at, used or just placed on a desk in an office. With time, so many people will be recognizing your logo without requiring any explanation. Some small businesses actually include phone numbers, company motto or even business website link with the logo on mugs. 

Simplicity is key 

You don’t expect people to read paragraphs and long lines of text on custom mugs. Whatever you do, ensure that the message, logo or image on the mug is not just simple to remember, but does not make a person to strain so much just to know what it is all about. If you are creating a new logo to print on mugs keep it as simple as possible. 

For instance, the simplicity of HP, Apple or Coca Cola logos mean that when printed anywhere, even without accompanying text or message, anyone recognizes them. Yours should be equally simple. Even better, to retain the attention of anyone viewing the mug, less will forever be more. 

Get to the point fast 

In mug printing you don’t want to confuse people with complexities. Your message should be easy to understand and very clear. Even your company logo and accompanying slogan or motto should not be hard to decipher. People don’t really have the time to glimpse at things for a long time just to get what you are trying to say. Keep messages, if any, short, to the point and sweet.

Uniqueness pays 

Perhaps you have a huge event coming up, a product you are about to release or just a small, new business around the corner you want people to know about. With mug printing you can be so original and creative that you can come up with a unique image, graphic, slogan or even quote that very few people will forget any time soon. SLIXY Very few people can say no to branded mugs that not only look good, but also stand out. 

Your contacts as always 

Of course, just a logo or text without your contacts on the mug won’t help you much. Always include your contact information in the simplest fashion possible. It can be a social media handle, URL, phone number or short messaging code in a vibrant shade no one will miss. 

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