Top 5 Colours Used in Logo Design

A logo speaks volume about the company’s character. Besides the shape or type of logo, or the fonts used in the logo, colours play the biggest part in conveying the company’s message.

There are so many colours in the world but these are the most common colours used when a graphic designer creates a logo. According to this infographic, research has proved that consumers use the products, or feel more inclined to buy certain products, because of the packaging or the brand. Now, packaging takes up the most surface area so it is the most visual and obvious. So because it is the most obvious, the packaging’s design – which mostly uses a certain type of colour – almost always complements the theme of the brand. And, well, the brand is represented by the logo of the company or it could even be the brand itself. Think Coca-Cola.

You thought colouring books were for children? You will find out why you are so wrong.

1. Red
With so many iconic brands using this colour this fiery hot colour definitely belongs to this list. This colour is associated with passion, vigour, and action. Ever wonder why going to a McDonald’s makes you even hungrier? Red is also thought to stimulate hunger and appetite. That is why you see most fast-food restaurants with this colour.

2. Blue
The logos of the two most frequently used social media platforms are blue. Facebook and Twitter are the most popular social media platforms, and why? That is because the colour blue is associated with calmness and security. People surf the Internet – and Internet Explorer is blue – frequently during their free time when they want to relax, and now, the Internet is even more widely used and more versatile that it is used for so much more. Visually reports in this other infographic that the colour blue is most widely used in many Fortune 500 companies’ logos, and gives an extensive explanation on other colours as well.

3. Yellow
The colour that goes well with almost any other colour, the all-round and versatile, yellow colour. This colour is associated with positive feelings and warmth. It shares similar properties to the colour red, as it also thought to be energetic and increases drive. So when red and yellow colours are put together, it can represent speed and excitement – like the superhero, The Flash – and McDonald’s. Have a look at The Logo Company’s piece to see if you associate any of these feelings with the colour yellow.

4. Green
Sometimes when you see your friends post photos of their morning Starbucks drink, you go green with envy. Or maybe you like being one with nature and you regularly meet your fellow greenfinger friends during the weekends for brunch at each other’s nurseries. Green is the colour associated with being eco-friendly and tranquility. Most companies who promote themselves as green usually have green as their main colour in their logos.

5. Black
This is probably the most common colour for luxury brands as black is seen to be the colour of mystery and formality. Black coupled with hints of silver, gold, or yellow gives the logo an air of sophistication and elegance. escortcity Black and a warm colour like red are commonly associated with evil or boldness and daring. This colour is hardly ever presented by itself, as the logo would seem dull. But this is one of the most used colours in logo design.

So did your favourite colour make it to the list? Besides these colours, secondary colours like purple and orange are also popular and are commonly used in logos to further bring out the character. There are shades and hues of varying degrees that add on even more depth to the logo. If you have time to kill, try Cymbolism to see what colours you would associate with different words!

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