4 Reasons Why You Must Invest in Brand Marketing

Nike, Facebook, Virgin and Apple are some of the most popular brands in the market today, but they were all once small garage start-ups, that later grew into multibillion dollar conglomerates. What made this transformation possible was their approach to business: Design of quality product, and an emphasis on building a BRAND, rather than just a company. Yes, it can be that simple.

A brand is more than just the four walls of your company, it is the name, the logo, the combination of colours, the website, the business card and every single atom that represents your company. I know what you’re thinking: every company obviously has a name and a logo, does that mean every company is successfully promoting their brand? Nope. ‘Promoting’ goes well beyond simply locking on a name and logo. It’s the quality, the creativity and the marketing that spreads brand awareness.

Here are 4 concrete reasons why you definitely should be investing in branding:

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Branding Attracts Customers

Human resources and a great service is what drives day to day business and keeps customers satisfied. But it is signing on new clients that propels growth, and do you know the most potent source of gaining new customers? You guessed right, brand marketing.

Think about the last time you searched for a service online. What was it that attracted you towards a company? Yes, a killer logo and a swanky website. The brand did the job of grabbing your attention. It is this attention grabbing ability of a brand that makes it such a powerful ally!

Investing to hire experts in branding is always a good idea. Whom would you rather do business with, a company that hands out flimsy, poorly cut cheap business cards, or one that presents you with a card that feels expensive with smartly designed embossments? A good reason to invest more at the printers.

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Branding Spreads Awareness

What do you think of when you here Nike? The swoosh and the slogan ‘Just Do It’. What about Audi? The overlapping rings. These are symbols, slogans and services etched in your memory through branding. The only way to ensure your brand is out there and people know about it, is by brand marketing.

Marketing is simple really, a couple of advertisements, flyers, banners, boards and business cards should do the trick. Brand promoting makes you stand out in a crowd. How can you expect to be hired, when customers don’t know you exist! Branding puts you on the map.

Printers, like PrintThatNow, offer a host of services that help you promote your brand. There are professional options, like banners, bookmarks with your company name and logo, brochures conveying your company goals, flyers, letterheads, corporate folders to distribute during client meetings, notepads and table tent cards. There also are creative and informal printed options like cardboard standees, paper fans, coasters, envelopes, fridge magnets and greeting cards. One quality printer can completely satisfy all your branding needs.

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Branding Evokes Loyalty

People trust a company that regularly promotes their brand. If they are confident enough to boast on TV and the internet, they must have a good product, right? This is exactly how the consumer thinks. Apart from making your brand known, marketing also refreshes your company’s values in the minds of consumers, making them loyal customers.

Think about the humble business card for a moment. It sits on a potential customer’s desk, always a reminder that your company is just a phone call away. When that potential client needs help on an urgent basis, do you think they will waste time searching google for a phone number, or call the company sensitive enough to hand out a business card? That is subtle brand marketing, and the most important reason to invest in simple marketing tools like business cards.

Printed branding techniques last longer and create a more lasting impression than digital ones. The reason quite simply being they are tangible and hence, personal. Your branding strategy, however, should always contain a combination of both digital and printed solutions. For example, a website and social media promotion for digital marketing, and flyers, banners and business cards for printed branding.

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Branding Makes Selling Easy

If you’re in business, it means you’re selling something. A product, a service or maybe just ideas. Branding helps you increase sales, simply by building trust. People trust a known company, it makes them feel safe. A person who has never heard of you, will never buy from you. On the contrary, a person who has never done business with you but has heard of your brand extensively through brand marketing, will definitely be willing to start. Simply because your brand seems familiar. Sales is all about proving you’ve got something the consumer desperately needs, and branding establishes the framework.

Boosting sales is another great reason to invest in printed branding. Business calendars, brochures and posters create a bond between your company, and your clients and potential customers. Being always visible, they sow the seeds of trust and subtly remind your clients of the quality of service your offer.

Ready to Start?

Alright, so you’re sold on brand marketing but you don’t know how? Start with baby steps, fix on a strong name, a memorable logo, and equip your employees with business cards. The more they hand out, the better! To make the arduous task of designing and printing easy, head over to Print That Now. We have a wide range of quality materials for you to choose from and you can have a pack of business cards ready to promote your brand within an hour! Get your business to the top today!


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