Printing a Sample

Do i need to do a sample print?

It is recommended that you do an actual sample print before proceeding.

As professionals, we will try to point out potential issues before printing. However, we won’t be able to foresee each and every issue thus it is recommended that you do the sample prints for yourself where we may recommend alternatives, should any issue arise.

We would like to emphasize that it is recommended that you do a sample color print on a 80GSM woodsfree at $0.50, if you were to update your artwork after doing the sample print to ensure that no file issue will arise.

We will not be held responsible, should there be an issue with your artwork.

How much is the sample print?

It really would depend on the nature of the item that you ordered. The range is typically between $2 – $20. In the instances where it would exceed $20, it would be because the sample print would involve many different components and finishings.

There is no sample print for finishings such as Embossing, Hot Stamping, Spot UV, Edging, etc. If you would like to request for a sample print for these finishings, you must be prepared to pay a few hundred dollars for the sample print.

I am proceeding with your company and the intended printing is Offset printing. Can i do a sample print?

The only exception of where you can’t do a sample print would be Offset Printing and we will use Digital Printing in place of the sample print.

I have sent my artwork but the printed version is different from what i have sent originally.

It is always recommended that you do an actual sample printout between $2 – $20 or a sample color print on a 80GSM Woodsfree at $0.50 , before you send for mass print.

The artwork could appear differently on our computer and we wouldn’t know as we are not the original designers and only you, the customer would be aware of minute changes.

We will not be held responsible, should the artwork appear differently on our computer.

Would there be color variations?

You must be prepared to accept a 10% color variation, if you are opting for Digital Printing and a 5% color variation for Offset Printing.

What is the best file format for you?

 For clarity, it is best to have the artwork designed in Illustrator. We do not recommend Photoshop as it is a photo manipulation tool and the best clarity results are achieved with Illustrator.

You will need to ensure that the entire image is flattened when exporting it as PDF because the file will ‘run’ on our end, if its not flattened properly.

We will not be held responsible for faulty prints, if the artwork is not flattened properly.

I do not have time to visit your shop to view the sample prints

We are willing to send the samples to your address via snail mail (For items that can be posted out only). Another alternative is for us to take a photo and send it to you.


I do not have an artwork and I would like you to print for us.

If you would like us to design your artwork, the design fee starts from $150

What is your lead time for design?

It is between 3 – 5 working days.

Is there an express service for design?

It really would depend on our availability. Contact us to enquire.

If I am printing with you, can you design for free?

Sadly, the answer is a firm NO.

The design fee is too expensive, would you be able to give a discount?

There is a 10% discount applicable to students holding a valid student pass only.

Do you have design templates that i can use?

Yes, we have templates for business cards. It is currently not uploaded online and we are working on our system. We can send you via wetransfer for you to take a look at our templates

Lead Time

Lead Times

What would be classified as a standard working day?

Our standard working days are from Monday-Friday, 10am-8pm

What is the deadline for orders?

The deadline for all orders is 1pm. Any orders received after 1pm will be treated as if they were received the next working day.

I have an urgent order, do you offer an express service?

Depending on your requirements, we may be able to provide you with an express service. Please call us at (+65) 6655 0989 to discuss your requirements.

What is the difference between normal, urgent, super urgent and variable orders?

These are simply the timescales placed on orders, normal orders are subject to our standard lead times, urgent and super urgent orders are done via our express service and variable orders may take slightly longer to process dependant on the complexity of the order.

*Please note that not all products are eligible for the express service

Is the express service available at all times?

No, If you require the express service,  please contact the team to make sure we have the availability to process your order in time.

Is there an additional charge for the express services?

Yes, depending on the size of your order extra charges will apply. Please contact our team at 6655 0989 to discuss your requirements.

Does the turnaround time include delivery?

No, turnaround times are from order to the items being ready for collection.

Placing your Order

Placing Your Order

How do I place an order?

Once you are ready to place your order, go to the orders page and fill out the enquiry form. Our team will be in touch within 24 hours to confirm your order and request further details if needed.

The item I am after is not on your website, how do I get a custom quote?

Please complete the enquiry form stating your requirements-remember to include a contact number and email address so that one of our team can contact you and discuss this. Alternatively, you can call us and discuss on (+65) 6655 0989

How should I send my designs through to you?

You will be asked to send the files across via email once the team have been in contact.

When will I receive a proof sample?

In most cases you will receive the proof via email within 24 hours, this may take longer for custom orders.

Will I receive the exact quantity I have ordered?

The industry standard allows for underages of 5%, sometimes you may receive more prints than you ordered free of charge. If you need a specific quantity (a mailout for example) please let our team know when you place your order.

Help! I need to make a change to my order

It is important that you contact us as soon as possible, we are unable to make changes if the print is already in progress. Any last minute changes may affect the lead times.



How do I make payment?

Once your order has been made we will raise an invoice which will be emailed to you. Payment must be received before the processing of order.

What payment methods do you accept?

Requires a physical presence at the shop:

  • Cash
  • NETs
  • Credit Cards (+3% transaction fee)

To be able to do it in the comfort of your own vicinity:

  • Bank Transfer
  • Cheque (To mail it out)
  • Paypal (+5.2% transaction fee)

Do you offer a credit facility?

No, we do not operate a credit system.

Do you accept card payments online?

Yes, you can pay online via PayPal or via bank transfer

Do you accept foreign currencies?

No, all orders must be paid for in singapore dollars.

How can I confirm my bank transfer?

If you have paid by ATM/Bank deposit:

Email across a picture of the transfer slip making sure that the account  number, date and amount are all visible.Remember to remove confidential information before sending.


If using PayPal or bank transfer:

Take a screenshot once your payment has been successful making sure the date, time amount and account details are clearly shown.


* Orders placed without confirmation will take longer to process and can delay your order by up to 3 working days.

Collection & Delivery

Collection & Delivery

How will I receive my items?

You can collect your items from the store, alternatively we can arrange delivery. If you require delivery, please state this when you place your order. Delivery would be at an additional fee.

When will I receive my items?

If you have opted to self collect, it will be ready once we have notified you.

If you have sign up for our delivery service, your items will be ready to you the day after completion. So lead time + 1 day. Your delivery will arrive between 10am and 6pm.

I need my items sooner, is same day delivery available?

It may be possible to deliver your items sooner,please enquire about this when placing your order.

I have ordered more than one item, will I receive them all together?

This is dependant on the lead times given for each order, the items will be sent to you as soon as they are ready.

Which areas does your delivery service cover?

Our normal delivery covers Singapore only.

Would my delivery be delayed?

Yes, occasionally your delivery may be delayed due to factors outside of our control such as extreme weather. If there is an issue with your delivery our team will contact you to notify you of any delay and rearrange delivery.

I have missed my delivery, can I rearrange?

Yes, If you miss your delivery please contact us to rearrange delivery. Additional costs may apply for a 2nd delivery.



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