5 Ways to Irresistible Bookmarks Everyone Wants

One of the best ways to get the word out there about a coming event, a new product, brand, new company or any type of promotional message is handing over as many branded bookmarks as you can. Printing companies in Singapore definitely have all you need to get your bookmarks designed and printed right away. A number of ways can get you the most irresistible out there. 

  1. Makes people remember you 

Contact your printing company in Singapore for bookmarks when you know what you want. While many suggestions and design ideas can be brought up throughout the design and printing process, it pays a lot to have in mind what you want. The idea is coming up with bookmarks very few people will say no to. This can be a colorful, well done logo in very appealing shades any bookworm would want to have and even carry a number to share around. 

  1. Proper size and material 

The material and size of the bookmark plays a lot in convincing anyone to keep it and even hand over a number to friends, family or colleagues. 260GSM or 310 GSM Art Card can get you quality bookmarks very few people will say no to.  Most importantly though as all printing services would tell you it is the content on your bookmark that people look at before they accept them. If the message is offending, against their values, culture or tastes they will not take any. As you get the material and size right do also think about the short message you intend to communicate, including your contact information, image or visual on the bookmark. 

  1.  Bookmark finishing is vital 

You can be sure that no one will take with them a low-quality, rashly designed bookmark. The finishing is very important and you must always get it right. Luckily though, experienced printing services in Singapore definitely have the best finishes to get your bookmark branding right from the beginning. This includes additional finishing such as gloss or matt lamination, round corner or hole punch lots of book readers and hoarders find irresistible. You don’t have to register to learn more about online casino bonuses and special offers . Finest promotions for Polish players. Mere paper doesn’t really work as you would want. Some extra special finishing such as gloss really goes a long way in convincing anyone to keep the bookmark.  

  1. Shape matters 

If you asked any printing service in Singapore, creatively shaped and designed bookmarks always have takers. At times people just want bookmarks to help them manage their reading but not always. A uniquely, special and exceptional bookmark in a shape many don’t see often can really get your promotional message fast as many people will pick them up. If you go with shapes find one that corresponds with what you offer, such as a coffee cup or plate for a bookmark marketing a bistro. 

  1. Bookmarks for a specific audience 

To get the message home fast, brand bookmarks with a specific audience in mind, such as a book event, book release or public literary review. You could offer bookmarks with favorite quotes or images of famous literary figures. 

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