Top Ways for the Perfect Hard Cover Photo Book

When it comes to hard cover photo books you deserve to have the best. Ensuring your memories are saved for decades or more is all about getting the best photo book from your printing companies Singapore professionals. Getting there doesn’t have to be complicated. 

Personalization is key

If you think about it, the Singapore printing company you use will help you get the photo book with a hard cover done. Even so, it is all about personalizing, from the pictures selected to fill every single page, any color and unique shade you decide to go with to any caption or memorable text you decide to include. You can actually create a very unique photo book to yourself and all your likes or as personal as possible to that special person you may be creating for.

Varieties to select from 

Right from the moment you connect with printing services you will have a good idea of what you can select or decide to go with. You will find so many embellishments and enhancements, top quality papers, backgrounds, binding methods, layouts, and customized sizes to additional finishes of all kinds. You can, for instance, stick with a cloth hardcover that doesn’t involve any printing or standard hardcover. 

Binding methods include lay flat and perfect binding capable of getting you exactly what you seek. Even better, you can customize the size while requesting the printing services in Singapore experts to include additional finishing treatments available, such as Spot UV, Lamination, Hot Stamping and Embossing/Debossing.

All these touches give your photo book a shine unequaled anywhere else, including an added layer of durability to keep your treasured memories for the longest time. 

Laying the pages 

It’s important to think a little bit about binding and how you would like the pages to be laid once a person has opened the book. For instance, a layflat binding method allows the photo book to remain flat any time you open it for eyes to have a wonderful view right through the book. Layflat option is perfect for wedding, portfolio or travel photo books. Perfect binding offers another special way of ensuring the book is wonderfully spread. 

Mind the length

Do mind the book’s length as well. The kind of photo book you end up with is determined by the number of photographs to be used. While you can choose any number of pages you might want to think about it a little bit. As you personalize the photo book you could stick with the default 20 pages recommended universally or add some more if need be. 

Do also let the printing service in Singapore experts know the number of photo book copies you need created. Bulk printing is at times cheaper if you need many copies. Also, do mind the pages and select a unique glossy finish that adds lots of value to the book. Even better, you are not by any long short walking alone as the printing experts will get the job done every step of the way with sufficient updates to you throughout the process.

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