Why Brochures Make All the Difference in Branding

Brochures are quite underrated when it comes to marketing strategies and branding. Unbeknownst to many, 70 percent of vacationers and visitors to a place such as a shop, office or company, including a stand in a trade show, usually go for a brochure first. As such, over 90 percent of all the people who pick brochures understand and comprehend what a brand or company is all about.


As you approach your printing service in Singapore for brochures, remember they are one of the most cost-effective and budget-friendly marketing items. Especially for SMEs, entrepreneurs and startups that are just starting or trying to remain afloat, brochures are quite affordable. With professional designers at your Singapore printing company, you can be sure the brochure design and the printing process will yield the most budget-friendly and effective brochures required. 

Picked to be kept a while longer 

If you did not know, people actually pick brochures with an aim of keeping them a while longer or perusing them much later. While most adverts are forgotten once people have left the area or discarded a poster or business card, brochures remain with the customer who most likely with look and read the information and messages printed on them. In fact, brochures are picked for more information and to be kept for future reference in some instances.  

Makes it easy to target a specific audience

Like most people, you will probably approach your Singapore printing services for brochures to target a specific customer base. For instance, you might want to target schools, ranchers, café customers, teenagers, coffee takers, manufacturers, single ladies, among other audiences. While many adverts would go unnoticed with very little interest shown on them, brochures are always available on receptions, doors, surfaces and tables in offices and elsewhere. People pick them knowing clearly what they are. For instance, we pick dentists brochures detailing what they offer to learn more about their services, discounts, treatments and services. 

More space, more details

Obviously, adverts and other methods of marketing like name cards do not have sufficient space to print all you want customers to know. Brochures are the opposite and give you sufficient space to clearly communicate your offers to prospective customers.  As such, select the best possible brochure size and work with your brochure printing service Singapore to get the best design possible. 

Lots of ways of distributing brochures 

Unlike many promotional items, brochures can be distributed in so many ways ensuring potential clients are reached effortlessly. You can place them inside customers’ orders (especially if people have ordered your stuff online), provide them at your reception section in the office, avail them in exhibitions, trade fairs and marketing events, hand them out one by one to people on the street or during your open field day, work a deal with malls and individual businesses to place them there or place them in newspapers or send them via mail; definitely easy to distribute around to as many people as possible. 

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