4 Hard Cover Photo Book Printing Finishes that Make All the Difference

Have you ever wondered how to store and make the most of your memorable photos? A perfectly done photo book might be all you need from the ultimate photo book printing company in Singapore. To get the best mean taking home a quality photo book that makes all the difference due to a unique finish. Here are four unique finishes to look at. 

Deboss/Emboss (lamination)

If you are seeking the best way to make a hugely impactful textural and visual photo book an Emboss or Deboss finish could make all the difference. Expert printing companies in Singapore emboss as needed, in the process giving a feeling of certain paper sections being raised amplifying them and allowing a person to see the embossed sections first. A custom process, the end product is exactly the kind of photo book you would love to show friends, family and visitors to your home. 

On the other hand, debossing gives the same kind of luxurious effect but the opposite of emboss, where the paper sections are lowered rather than raised to give a sunken appeal. The part debossed is recessed attracting the eye immediately. Of course, most people know and prefer embossing though both are perfect when you want to highlight a specific theme or accomplish certain aesthetics. 

Spot UV

This finish is really unique, especially when you want the photo book cover to stick out. The printing services will ensure that specific area on the cover of the photo book you need to stand out exactly does that.  Any project you complete with this finish will be special and well done. In fact, Spot UV, at times known as Spot Gloss can be added on a matte lamination or varnish for superior book and finish. The area treated through this method remains highlighted and sparkly

Hot Stamping 

Adding that special touch is everything when it comes to photo book covers. Printing services in Singapore hot stamping makes this a success, especially when you want to add personal touches to the book covers so that you can give those you love a priceless, treasured and striking memorabilia. Also comes in handy when you want to customize the title of a photo book with unique stamps that works superbly with the design you want and text you have selected for the same kind of a design feel, chosen theme and touch as the photos or other images you want to memorize remarkably. 

Matt/Gloss (Lamination)

Having a photo book that stands out anywhere is usually what most people have in mind. Finishes that leave you with such an item is lamination with gloss or matt. Glossy photo books have a lovely glint about them as the coating and paper used is of a unique quality. An additional glossy layer characteristic of this finish enhances the color in the book for a pretty, irresistible outcome. Matt is perfect when you still want some measured shine but not as glossy, especially for monochrome and color schemes without a lot of vibrancy. 

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