Top Bookmark Design Finishes You Must Choose

Making the most of your bookmarks is critical in ensuring you get your brand, business, products, event or other closer to potential customers and clients. With printing companies Singapore experts offering top design finishes, you can actually make the bookmark enticing, useful and highly practical. 

Round corner 

Bookmarks offer a creative way of getting in touch with potential clients considering the contact info, logo and other messages will be visible every time they open a book. You can also transform it into some kind of a ticket, coupon, timetable or other creative idea. Even so, it’s a round corner finish that adds that extra personal touch to it. Bookmarks are inexpensive to print and design but offer a long-lasting method of keeping your promotional message out there courtesy of your Singapore printing company. 

Hole punched bookmarks 

If you didn’t know, you printing service in Singapore offer a hole-punch finish to make your bookmarks even more appealing and striking. A usable bookmark offer readers a chance to mark pages for easier reading and picking up their reading from where they stopped, but that is not all there is to it. Designing striking and appealing ones takes your promotional message and content on it to a whole new level. If you realize your supply of bookmarks is getting low think about hole-punched options for the most beautiful bookmarks out there.  

Matte design finish 

It’s highly important to ensure your brand, product or business is always in front of potential clients or customers. Bookmarks are one of the promotional tools in your arsenal. A matte finish is a cost-effective way of marketing used widely across the board. Since bookmarks are useful items, they will always have takers, especially if the design finish is appealing and highlighted well. A Matte finish could be all you need to make them appealing and hard to ignore or refuse no matter the shape if Singapore printing services are anything to go by. 

Enthuse and mesmerize with glossy bookmarks 

If there is an item printing service Singapore experts have seen people really like and enjoy taking away with them it is a promotional item creatively designed with a gloss finish. Such items give people reasons to hold on to them for a while, such as bookmarks with a gloss coating. 

This finish doesn’t just captivate and sway people to carry it with them but actually protects the card stock well while rousing the colors to really show and pop out. There is no better way of ensuring your promotional and branding messages are always with people and will be referred to often like requesting bundles of glossy bookmarks from your printing service. 

Whatever you do never print or design boring and drab bookmarks while expecting that your marketing messages will be seen and acted upon. The first thing is to offer value with a bookmark and when it’s accepted people actually start paying attention to its content. Bookmarks are equally amazing like any great read out there and readers are always in search of the most outstanding.

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