Name Card Printing for the Eyes-Mesmerizing People with Unique Touches

Name card printing does not have to be a dowdy work so ordinary very few would want to keep your cards once you have handed them. Your Singapore printing services professionals can get the job done and fast, but that is not all. Name cards are largely done for the eyes and must be finished, designed and printed right to mesmerize people with unique touches. 

Extra thick name cards 

You may know this already but leaving an unforgettable memory works for name cards. You want the potential customers and clients you share with to remember the card, share it with others or refer to it as much as possible. You hardly want people to throw it away in a pile of ordinary cards received over the years. 

The printing service Singapore can be impressed to produce extra-thick name cards with luxurious touches. For instance, a card with up to 900GSM in terms of thickness is one of pure quality and not great for the eyes only. 

Relevant imagery 

You definitely do not want your car hire business name card to include chicken images. Selecting a relevant image/logo turns the eye and draws attention instantly. You can for instance have the image of a few high-end cars on one side of the card together with your business name and contact details on the other. Unique touches on any card have a way of making a person feel you are doing them a favor sharing your expensive cards with them. 

Color choice hints so much 

Eye catching name cards from your name card Singapore printing service are almost expected to have unique hues and genuinely great color shades. You cannot get name card colors wrong or else very few people will keep the cards you share with them. Color psychology is important to look into way before your cards are printed. 

If your business or company already has its formal colors you might want to replicate them on the name cards. If you do not, ensure you have selected the shades carefully. For instance, a blue color on a name card belonging to an IT company can depict intelligence and approachability that most people associate with the warm nature of social media and information technology items. 

A white background on the other hand with proper and relevant typeface can help market a coffee business due to its sophisticated look and a habitual demeanor many relate to coffee. 

Go for some additional luxurious finishing 

There are luxurious finishes and additional extraordinary finishes your Singapore name card printing service can get you. Apart from finish card choices such as Maple White, Enviro Wove, Tangerine White, Grandeur Zen White, Maple Ivory or Novoluxe Nordic White you can always aim for more to get that highly attention-grabbing touch. These include top finishes such as Matte/Gloss laminations, Deboss/Emboss, LetterPress, Hot Stamping, Spot UV, Die Cut or Round Corner, among others. 

Adding that extra layer of finish great to look at means your name cards will be very hard to ignore. 

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