Gloss Finish and Giving Your Name Cards a Layer of Luxury-Is It Worth It?

Everyone wants to stand out, particularly for business purposes. That’s why you cannot get business card printing wrong. A luxury layer and a gloss finish if done right by your printing service Singapore professional can create a lasting impression from the first instance. 

Even so, is adding a layer of luxury really worth it?

Speaks more about you 

If there is something printing services Singapore providers can tell you is that your name card loudly speaks about who you are just by the finish. A cheap one might suggest to the person or potential client you may not be as serious as they thought or they could throw away the name card immediately they arrive at home or the office. 

If you didn’t know it, the first impression and few seconds a customer spends with you says so much about you, including a card you may hand over to them. For instance, an extra-thick and glossy luxurious card will immediately tell the person you are really serious about what you do and who you are. 

Second looks are rare 

Not many Singapore name card printers are straightforward enough to tell you that very few connections or potential clients return for a second look. If you don’t get your name card printing and design right you may have a problem. A colored edge for instance gives your luxurious card a wholly new dimension. Investing in a glossy finish and the best there is could take your commercial affairs a notch higher than you may imagine. 

Gives your cards some pop

Any business owner wants to impress fast and well. A gloss finish isn’t just striking but vibrant. If you wanted to highlight some contrast a shiny luxurious finish works like magic as your name card printing Singapore service can let you know.

Lasts longer and holds up perfectly well

We all want our cards to last as long as possible and promote our business and services longer. A luxurious finish makes this happen. Gloss finish makes it striking yet tough that folding or bending it is quite hard. You can be sure that even when thrown inside a messy luggage, drawer, pocket or purse it will hold up well and sturdily. 

More for your investment 

Glossy name cards in contrast with other luxurious finishes are affordable and give you more for your investment. While your Singapore name card printing service may offer discounts time to time, a glossy name card will last longer and not expensive to get done. You can be sure it will remain as vibrant as possible months or years later. 

Also, the fact that luxury-finished name cards are sturdy and tough also means they are able to withstand most stain and water damage. You don’t have to worry that drinks, soups and meals at promotional, networking and marketing events will damage your cards. 

A classic gloss finish brings out the best in your name card and much more than you probably thought. 

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