Your Name Card Background-Can You Maximize on It?

In your name card, the visual effect of the background is vital. Your namecard printing professionals might do the printing expertly but it has to be more than this to impress anyone and compel them to keep your name card. The background can oblige them to hold on it longer just by maximizing on it.  

Go beyond the expected 

Essentially, name card printing is more than having a logo, phone number, website URL and a name. To stand out you must explore beyond the typical. You need to ask yourself whether your card will have great visual impact to set it apart. As such, ensure the card’s thickness, texture, finish, color, among other elements, are well thought out. 

Mind the paper 

To maximize on the background of your card and appeal to people as fast as possible, follow the advice of most printing companies in Singapore and get the paper right. Once you hand over a card to someone they will notice the paper quality first and make a decision whether it is worth keeping or not. As such, getting it right is very important. 

In case you want a single color in your name card to keep it as simple as you can mind the paper texture to create an impact. Find a paper with some great weight/texture to avoid low quality paper that is so fragile it shows you do not really take your business seriously. 

Think about a glossy finish or a textured background that is a little bit muted. It can also be a thick name card of substantial weight and feel. Whatever you choose it must create an impact right away. 

Mind colors as well

Your name cards Singapore printing service can print your name cards with the color you want. The best way is sticking to shades in line with your company colors or the entire theme of your brand. Just like many out there you could choose a darker background with conspicuously incisive shades like red and whites for the perfect contrast and striking look. 

For playful and fun businesses like daycare aqua shades or hues of pink can come in handy. For pool, agricultural or green businesses a blue, green or white background could work. Essentially, your industry should help you select the right colors for your name card. 

Maximizing on plain background 

As most printing services know, especially your printing services in Singapore providers, you can impress greatly with a plain background. If you do it well it can be so effective that the name card will look like a small art masterpiece worth keeping. 

However, avoid making it appear too empty by using top name card stocks in addition to top notch printing methods that improve your card design. For instance, you could go with Spot UV, Foiling, Embossing, Die-Cut, colored edging among others to make it slick and professional. 

Get background right and maximize on it by requesting your printing service in Singapore to design your name card. 

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