Why a Custom Bookmark Makes Every Sense

A superb way of leaving behind a promotional message for a potential customer or client to find is through a bookmark. Obsessive bookworms and typical readers always appreciate one. Once the Singapore printing company has received your company colors, name and contact information and simple, easy to read messages, the rest is history.  You’ll get excellent bookmarks that will always market your brand whenever a book is read or opened. 

Why do custom bookmarks make every sense?

Repeat exposure

While such visual promotional ideas such as flyers are also effective, their exposure is limited. However, bookmarks promise repeat brand awareness and exposure, a perfect reminder about your brand or company. Cleverly designed and printed by the Singapore printing company of choice, people will always have a quality, useful and practical item they won’t just through away.  

Since it is not as huge as a banner or flyer, the message is normally succinct and focused.  People might view banners, cards or leaflets as marketing items but bookmarks are received as useful and thoughtful gifts to make reading smooth and organized. 

Practical giveaways 

Bookmarks printed by a Singapore printing company for promotional purposes are very practical, magnetic and practical. Most are laminated or UV coated, unless you want to leave some space for the user to scribble something on them. Others are plastic laminated with smooth corners and angles for safety and graphic appeal. Bookmarks can be given to potential prospects during conferences and tradeshows, in lobbies, showrooms or shipped with products as add-ons. The pragmatic nature of bookmarks allows you to even stick them inside product catalogs, books or brochures. 

More places to spread your company gospel

Almost everyone anywhere knows the importance of a bookmark. This means you’ve so many places you can place or distribute them and people will still accept them. Promotional bookmarks are printed by a Singapore printing company with the view to offering long-term marketing and promotional advantages. You can give hundreds for free to libraries, bookshops and bookstores as a natural useful accessory for every reader. 

Religious organization, non-profits and charities also offer bookmarks to spread a mission statement, solicit funds, market events, programs and outings or motivate people to volunteer.  The uniqueness of bookmarks is that you can actually create them for any event, company or reason under the sun. 

Cheaper by the bulk

Printing custom bookmarks in bulk is actually affordable. It means you actually pay very little per bookmark. In the process, they have become cost-effective promotional items for every business, company or brand out there. Custom printing guarantees you will receive bookmarks anyone would want to own and keep. 

Useful for schools 

Schools that order bookmarks in bulk can kill so many birds with a single stone. A bookmark is a great add-on to gifts presented to students for good grades and other achievements. It can be designed to contain important academic events and dates or carry emergency numbers and information for students. 

Even better, your custom bookmarks can be made into useful timetables, tickets or coupons. 

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