5 Things Your Name Card Says About You

Your name card says so much about you. Taking your name card printing seriously pays a lot too. Does your name card say anything about you? How’s your card? Do you feel confident handing it over to a prospect? 

Here are five things your name card shouts louder to a stranger about you. 

#1 Individual brand is wanting/great 

You cannot separate your personal brand from your name card. Once you’re long gone, the only memory that remains behind about you is your card. It speaks a lot about your choice of wardrobe, personal style and personality even when memories about you are slowly fading. If your name card printing service doesn’t get it right your personal brand will be deemed wanting, ignoble and utterly unremarkable. Ensure your name card is memorable enough to attract the customers or clients you deserve. 

#2 Showcase what you believe in

Your name card shouts louder about what you believe in and your closely-held values. For instance, if it’s printed on an eco-friendly type of paper obviously your view about the dangers facing our world and environment are very clear.  All in all, the card is a symbol of something strong about you such as professionalism or expertise, simplicity or attention to details, among others. 

#3 Helps clients connect with you 

Your name card is everything once left with a person who doesn’t meet you often or remember you clearly. The card either allows a person to connect and remember the individual they connected with or it doesn’t. If it’s not consistent and at par with the individual they met chances are it’ll be forgotten equally fast. For instance, you could have some kind of image or photo on the card as a brain trigger if the only thing people remember about you is the shape of your glasses, color of your hair, accent etc. 

#4 Speaks louder about your uniqueness 

If your name card printing doesn’t make sure your card sets you apart from any other out there you probably have already failed. A card that once handed over to a potential client is immediately met by comments about how it’s one of a kind means most of the job is actually done. You’ve been set apart and you cannot be forgotten. It must be so unique that the owner cannot even fathom tossing it away. 

#5 Focused and clean-cut 

Those who use their name cards not only to provide contact information, but also to advertise have probably failed from the beginning. Such a card blurs your contact details that you don’t want the potential client to forget and makes you look jumbled and disorderly. Make sure your name card is legible, unforgettable and has all the right contacts. 

You deserve a name card printing that makes sure your prospect doesn’t forget you long after the conference, networking or unplanned meeting on the coffee shop. 

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