5 Massive Name Card Mistakes Many Make All the Time

When it comes to name card printing and design you want to get everything right from the start. However, if you are creating cards for the first time you could end up making some really costly mistakes like many people out there. Here are a number of mistakes to avoid. 

#1 Ignoring the business size 

If you own the business and run it yourself the name card you get from your printing service in Singapore will be way different in various ways from name cards of individuals from large businesses. For instance, sole-proprietors own everything, including the tone and the message set on the cards. The way you set yourself uniquely apart from the competition is determined and controlled by yourself. The cards are easy to set since you already know the tone and message you need to add. 

However, this is very different in large businesses. Every single part of the design process even by your Singapore printing services provider must reflect the main core values and objectives of the business. Every single branding item has to be in line with the entire exercise across the company. Anything from logos, business colors and even little matters such as fonts have to be consistent. 

If you ignore the size of business inconsistencies could result raising questions on the people you share the name cards with. 

#2 Believing paper is just paper 

Some people believe the stock name cards Singapore printing services print on is just mere paper and thus any can do. The paper stock matters a lot and the wrong choice or seeking to cut corners and reduce costs will get you flimsy name cards. Very few trust cheap cards. If you can afford it, thicker cardstocks are better and more credible

#3 Too many details in very little space 

Name cards have limited spaces. To maximize on cards, some people request printing service Singapore experts to print them with lots of information. Very few people have the patience or temerity to read small fonts and confused jumble on cards. Simply add the most important details concisely, tersely and allow space to set apart the information for easier legibility. If you need to share more information about your brand use catalogues, flyers and brochures. 

#4 Not giving color a thought 

People are drawn to branding items mostly by the colors.  Even so, your choice of shades to use could make the card hard to like carrying around. Rather than draw attention, muddled colors and diverse shades chosen wrongly will drive eyes away from it rather than draw people to the information on the cards. Use colors easy on the eyes and avoid blending more than three. 

#5 Lacking customer proposition 

Everyone knows why they need your services or products. Even your name card says you offer these services or products. However, you must give people a compelling reason why you are perfect for the job. Allow printing services Singapore experts to print your cards with a compelling proposition.

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