5 Things To Consider When Printing

Somehow or rather, there will be the few customers who come in flustered and anxious, claiming that the deadline for their prints are very tight. We understand that the designing process may be very time consuming, and having to print it out and possessing a hard-copy of the work is another chunk of things to handle.

Things only get worse if the outcome of the print did not match what you had visualized.

Fret not, as here are some tips and pointers to take note of before heading over to get your prints out.

1. Timelines

This is a very crucial step before proceeding with your work. Roughly set aside an amount of time needed for the work to be done. Following that you have to be familiar with the order deadlines and turnover timings with your printing store. A good start with a timeline may very well help you to avert the trouble of being in a hurry. This should and can also be applied to many other aspects in your daily life.

2. Check and check again

Upon the completion of the work, it is important to check through the details to ensure that everything has been included and arranged to your necessary alignments. You wouldn’t want to have to print out several copies of the same work just because there was a minor error of an image alignment would you? Take note to keep separate file names as this will provide ease of reference to which soft copy is the one required for print.

3. Choose your paper

The selection of the paper to print your work on should not be overlooked. There are different weights of papers with different finishes and some even have textures. This could all play an important part to the aesthetics for your work and could even compliment the idea of the visuals. Have a rough idea of how you would want to receive it in hard copy.

4. Talk to the people down at the printing store

Uncertain over some things regarding prints? Who better to ask than the people who own the machines down at the store. It’s also a good thing to ask, just to be certain that they are able to provide the services you need. After all, accidents happen and it doesn’t harm to be certain.

5. Satisfaction with the outcome and final touches

Finally, it is done! The print is out and you are looking at every inch of it to ensure that it matches the soft copy preview on your computer. Be sure to check if thoroughly before leaving and also see if there needs to be any last minute touch ups such a trimming of borders.

These few pointers may sound easy, but do not take for granted that going into print could also be a delicate process that requires much attention. Still uncertain? Contact us so we may assist you!

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