Die Cutting And It’s Splendour

During the process of designing, there are certain shapes and sizes that you will want to employ to strengthen the messages conveyed. We are no longer limited to simply squares or rectangles when it comes to printing. By using the die cutting process, unique shapes are now made available to your print outs to give your final product an extra edge in terms of visual appeal.

So what exactly is die cutting?

Die cutting is a process that cuts thinner materials into specific shapes. To name a few of these materials, cloth, plastics and papers along with many others, are able to use this process. The die is a specialised tool used to cut decorative shapes and patterns. These shapes or patterns will then be able to be placed into the main product or even be the main shape of the product if the process was done on the entire sheet.

You may notice this commonly amongst brand label stickers as they appear in different shapes.


Amongst many common products such as greeting cards, the die cutting process has enhanced the look and style of these products tremendously.


However, the shape of the cutting die is usually something that has to be made and ordered if its a unique and irregular shape. With that in mind, be sure to check with your respective printer before proceeding with your work as certain complicated shapes and patterns may not work due to limitations.

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