Back of Your Name Card- Should You Make It Notable?

When name cards are mentioned little is said about the back. All attention is about designing the front and making it eye-catching and memorable. Most businesses and individuals in Singapore hardly give a thought to the back. Your name card printing in Singapore service can help you make it very notable; you will be the lucky few who have embraced the new way of printing cards.  

Here is how to make the back of your name card notable. 

Bring the digital space to your name card 

Once you have added your logo, name, titles, business details and contacts you don’t need to stop there. Rather than just fill the back with some pattern, color or leave it empty you can bring your digital footprint closer to a potential client or customer. For instance, you can add a link to a company, product or service audio or video. You can also add a QR code for a discount or to a welcome message on your website. That way, sharing your digital content will be so easy. 

It provokes curiosity from card holders to follow the details on the back to see what you have for them. For instance a movie maker, videographer, animation expert or even a photographer and wedding planner, among others, can be served well by such additions. 

Price cuts and discounts 

Modern customers expect freebies and price cuts almost anywhere. Your name card printing in Singapore expert can transform the back into a coupon. Persuading customers to call back or visit your website to claim the discount will be so easy. It gives every name card holder something to compel them to get in touch. It can even be a coupon code to a free product/service sample or a direct price cut. No one can throw away such a name card. 

Your image

What kind of role do you play in your company, business or brand? Are you the brand? Do people trust your business, freelance or otherwise, because of you? Then you can request the name card printing in Singapore expert to print the card with your photograph or related image on the back. A well done photo on the back makes you look sincere, warm and approachable. 

Location details 

Even in the easiest to find streets in Singapore it can be hectic locating your shop or office. Use the back to show the direction or map of your business. It helps a potential client to find you when within your locality. Instead of writing the direction or address of your office, a map is a visual option that people find easy to interact with and understand. 

Social media profiles 

Less is powerful and highly encouraged even on the back of your name card. You don’t need to write long stories and add lots of graphics on the back to fill the space. A better idea is making it easy for clients to find you on social media. Request the name card printing in Singapore expert to print your social media profiles/handles on the back succinctly and neatly. 

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