5 Unique Things That Make a Great Business Card

If you take great care to design your business card the fruits will be worth it. You can be sure of building trust, setting yourself, brand or business apart and looking professional and reliable. With a quality name card printing in Singapore service, you can get the type of cards anyone would like to follow-up on any day. 

There might be many things that make great and highly effective business cards but here are the top five. 

  1. Instantly Impressive 

Once the name card printing in Singapore experts have delivered the cards, they must be impressive right away. The name card will speak so much about your products, business or brand. You might want to choose the design very carefully to reflect those values you hold dear. It must be so unique as to differentiate you from your competitors and so striking as to compel anyone who has it to touch base and fast. 

If you work in a formal and forthright industry, the card should not look like you are in the artistic or histrionic industry. For those in the creative, showbiz or lively line of work the name card should capture such characteristics with fabulous bold hues and attention-grabbing qualities. 

  1. Contains a unique logo

Apart from a legible name and contacts your card needs a logo that diverges from any other out there. It must be prominent and well captured by the name card printing in Singapore expert. Logos in most cards take the better part of one half or a whole side of a double-sided name card. If you don’t have one, seek to have the most unique and striking logo designed for your business or brand. 

  1. Great cards communicate 

Every great name card out there communicates immediately and fast. It contains sufficient information, not too much or illegible, but just enough. Apart from your business or brand logo, name, contact details, physical and web address you could decide to leave it at that or add some form of a tagline. At times, you might want to include a little bit of information and that is where two-sided cards come in; excellent when you want to add a call to action to the effect that presenting the card earns the person a discount, price cut, free quote or other irresistible offer. 

  1. Perfect design befitting your brand 

Every person out there has their own unique brand. With the right design and unadulterated choice of colors you can have the name card printing in Singapore service print your cards in exceptional colors befitting your brand uniqueness and personality. For example, luxury service providers (limousine hires, jewelry, exotic clubs etc.) or any other business out there can go for luxurious name cards with special color details on the inside as well as distinctive colored edges and other special finishes. 

  1. Correct contact information 

One of the most disappointing things in a business card is a typo, spelling mistake or unreadable information. A great card reads well and clearly, legible and has zero spelling errors. 

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