Bulk Custom Luxury Name Cards-How Your Singapore Printing Company Makes It Happen

When it comes to printing luxury name cards it should not be complicated, particularly with a printing service that makes all the difference.  For a single person’s card, getting it designed and printed can be an easy process. 

However, for bulk custom luxury name cards, without your Singapore printing company helping you along the process it can turn into a confusing, horrendous matter. 

Diverse departments 

If you think about it, your company probably has more than one department with a number of senior staff members. Almost each one of them will need to have their own name cards, and if you want to add a touch of luxury for better results and effect with the cards, bulk custom printing is your only bet. 

You do not need to keep designing different cards for every departmental head or team leader. It can be costly, complicated and lurid. 

Of course, bulk luxury name cards printing and designing isn’t a simple matter in itself. It can be hectic, from thinking about the design, colors, message they will be carrying to the final finish. Even, if your entire company, institution or business needs name cards for various leaders in the various teams, bulk ordering will work just fine. 

According to research, over two thousands name cards handed out to diverse individuals have been found to boost the sales of a business by almost three percent. 

How to process a bulk order 

Luckily, you do not really need to worry much about designing thousands of cards and doing the printing yourself or paying an arm and a leg for them. All you need is get in touch with your Singapore Printing Company, offer the needed details, card design if you have it and any other basic information. 

Even better, you can actually make your bulk ordering online for your custom luxury name cards with a difference. All you need is visit the Singapore printing company website and indicate your name, email and phone number as well as your company.

 You are even able to select the seam color and material, thickness as well as additional finishing such as hot stamping, emboss, deboss and die cut. 

Other information that will be needed include double or single sided printing and quantity. You can also upload artwork you might have and add extra information, including guidelines or instructions if you have any. 

Once you have done all these you can go ahead and click “submit” to make sure your information has been sent to the Singapore printing company. 

Why order luxury name cards in bulk?

  • Ordering in bulk saves you money and time (bulk orders attract discounts)
  • You have luxury name cards of the same color and design thus identifiable easily and no customer will be confused unlike a team member and another handing different name cards from the same company 
  • Name cards look the same, which keeps your branding consistent

Bulk ordering from your Singapore printing company ensures your entire branding process remains as cohesive as possible.

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