Businesses and Contact Info-The Cardinal Errors of Zero Name Card Marketing

How are your name cards? Are you making grave errors by taking things for granted? Your contact details and business information is very important, among others. Even so, before you approach your printing company in Singapore, know some fundamental errors that cannot be excused on a name card. 

Initials and lack of a proper legible name

You want your name card Singapore printer to get you name cards that create a lasting impression. Even so, just imagine trying to get in touch with a service provider whose titles are mere initials on a card. Sometimes cards can have everything except the contact name of a person. Companies with diverse departments or sections can be tempted to create cards with office and company contacts but no contact person. When a person comes across the card and doesn’t know who to ask for it creates a negative impression. Always ensure a clearly legible name is printed on the card and very few initials if any. 

Mind your email address 

Your Singapore name card printer will probably let you know people have no patience for long texts, titles or addresses. Studies show that people spend seconds on anything written down. That is why you must give them a reason to make use of that information. This is so true, especially in email addresses. 

The worst thing you can do is have one of those long email addresses on your name card and expect people to remember or even use it. Do all you can to ensure your email address is not just short and concise, but also easy to write down from memory. 

Missing email contact 

Even worse than having the longest email address around, is having none at all. Any business card printing service will tell you how that is a huge mistake. Even if you cannot get a company email there is no excuse for having none on your card. Think about it; we have so many free email platforms, from Yahoo, Gmail to GMX and Hotmail, among others. Not very many people have the patience to go to your website and spend minutes looking for your email. If you don’t have one, opt for a free email in the meantime. It’s much better than none. 

Costly unprofessional cards

First impressions as you have been told countless times are everything. Your name card printing Singapore service ensures that your card is well designed and inventively printed. If you have never designed anything before you probably should not even try designing your name cards or printing them yourself. Handing people a cheap, insubstantial, badly designed and basic card destroys your credibility and good name. You might have to part with some little design money but the professional cards that result will leave no doubt about your seriousness, professionalism and trustworthiness

Do not ignore social media/mobile contacts

Today people expect you, your business or brand to be on social media. Do include your Twitter handle, Facebook profile or WhatsApp number or other on the card. Most important though, everyone expects a name card to have a mobile phone number. Never forget that.  

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