Unique Card Finishes to Request from Your Printing Service

When it comes to name cards the finish has a part to play in the impression you leave behind. When your handshake, smiles, greetings and conversations are over and only your card remains you definitely want the card to help you forge a long lasting relationship. Plain and drab cards don’t cut any more. 

Here are unique card finishes to request from your Singapore printing service and impress anyone.  

  • Matt or gloss lamination

A gloss or matte finish is a unique way of adding something different to your name card. Gloss leaves behind a polished finish and makes the card appear more striking. You can actually see light reflect right off the card and the colors, such as blacks, seem to have a better-off depth.  

On the other hand, matte finish leaves behind a slightly paler look with a lighter appeal, especially where black hues are involved. As such, matte gives a high-class attribute to a card while gloss finish is perfect when you want to grab attention right away. 

Matte lamination has a sophisticated touch about it and shows a lot of quality perfect when first impressions and fostering a great image are high in your mind. 

Looking for a prestigious, sophisticated and high class look and feel? Matte lamination will do. 

Want to grab the attention of the person with richer hues like blacks with a shiny look? Gloss will work just fine. 

  • Die Cut 

Sometimes all you want is a different type of name card from your printing service. Die cut makes this happen. With die cutting, you’re able to have the kind of card with a shape you’ve always wanted. Offering people a name card shaped differently from others leaves a lasting impression right away. 

  • Letterpress 

Ever wanted to have a name card with a traditional and timeless look about it? Then your printing service can get you letterpress name cards fast. As one of the oldest printing types the world over, the splendor and crispness of the method has a timeless, universal charm about it.  The intricate letterpress process ensures your name cards have a deep impression, exquisite soft texture and stunning no matter how you look at them. 

  • Spot UV and Vanish 

What if you want to enhance certain areas of your name card? The Spot UV method allows deeper colors to be used to enrich the design of your card. Even better, varnish can be used to laminate or coat either as gloss, silk or even matte to ensure your name cards do not shrivel and wear off. Specific sections of your card are highlighted, such as name or titles, text or logo; leaves behind a professional, highly sophisticated and durable appeal. 

  • Hot/foil stamping 

In this method, hot stamping type/die and press are used, including hot stamping foil wherever needed to add better hues to the work. It’s a reliable, robust and clean marking process that makes sure no messy inks are involved anywhere. 

  • Emboss/Deboss

Looking for a 3D effect on your name card? Either deboss or emboss process will do. The design, graphic or text gives the card a wholly new nature. The printing service emboss process raises the text or image on your card. If you want an opposite of this, deboss finish will be carried out where the graphic or text will be pressed in rather than pressed to pop out. Each of them leaves behind an elevating feel on your card and a unique 3D effect. 

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