Name Cards and Colors-The Subtle Meaning of Your Business Card Color

If you did not know the color(s) of your name card sets it apart from others out there. Once you hand a person the card the color and the logo will be the first introduction or contact you make with the person. With proper color psychology, your name card printing in Singapore service can get you the kind of cards capable of inspiring, persuading, swaying and enthralling a potential client.

Here are subtle meanings of selected business card colors.

Blue name cards: Anyone who looks at a blue name card is almost immediately mentally and physically relaxed and calmed. Blue and its diverse shades promote a sense of trustworthiness, responsibility and honesty. It’s perfect for financial experts and accountants, psychiatrists and expert counselors, among others.

Black name cards: Name card printing in Singapore experts can get you black name cards to help you portray a sense of seriousness, elegance, mysteriousness, sophistication, power and subtle intimidation. Including some touch of white, gold, silver or other shiny and conspicuous hue adds some elegance and class to your black card. Depending on your line of industry, you can add any color on black to send a specific or mixed message to anyone who looks at the card.

Yellow name cards: Your name card printing in Singapore service can print cards that both excite and uplift the person looking at them. Yellow does this effortlessly. Being fervent and lively allows yellow to stimulate the mind and ease decision making processes. It is a color effective in conversing with the logical mind and would work perfectly for comedians or clowns, networking experts, lecturers and teachers, journalists and most artists. Even so, intense shades of yellow can cause apprehension and heighten severe criticism.

Green name cards: Green evokes a sense of growth and development, affluence and prosperity, security and easy poise. Dark green hues are loved by the rich globally. They communicate a feeling of making money and creating wealth as well as a high sense of competence. Whether mid or muted, green colors can be selected for eco-friendly businesses, golfing, agricultural related businesses, counseling, to charity and welfare companies or social workers. Even so, green is known to elicit very negative outbursts irrespective of its ability to convey harmony, healing, balance and natural abundance.

Red name cards: Name card printing in Singapore professionals print name cards that grab attention right away and evoke a sense of passion, intensity and action oriented character traits. Red does this painlessly and easily. Its ability to communicate excitement, confidence, assertiveness, action, passion and speed is legendary. For instance, delivery businesses can use red name cards to evoke a sense of action or speed. Even so, too intense reds could elicit a sense of aggression, anger and forcefulness. Professional shades of red that work just fine includes maroon, wine-red or darker red due to their less forceful nature, particularly for those in stockbroking, sports agency and legal occupations.

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