Why You Should Add Edging to Your Business Cards

At times, all you want is present a different type of business card that people will not just throw away or discard into a pile somewhere. Your Singapore business card printing service can add an edge to your cards to make them striking, bold and bursting with personality.  

There are a number of reasons why edging is critical for your business cards. 

Adds value and métier to brand outlook 

A name card with an edging improves your brand strength and people are actually able to perceive it. The worst thing you want is potential clients judging your business from how your cards are designed and printed. Adding an edged, painted edge for instance, adds more value to your card, which also reflects well on your brand. 

Vibrant colors used make the person looking at it have some more interest. An edged business card catches people’s attention fast and will sway them right away. Also, a strong edged card is able to endure repeated handling. 

Shine on in your real shade 

Like each person, every brand has its own color. There is no better way of letting your business and brand shine on in its real shade than edging your business cards with your business colors. With solid shades, you can display your company or brand proudly. 

You have all manner of colors to select from, anything from yellow, pink, brown, red to blue and even orange to add a brighter edging. Even better, you can strut out your brand in vivid metallic shades, which gives the impression of a modern, cool, sleek and highly sophisticated printing and of course, a powerful brand. Every time the metallic edging reflects light the shine draws attention to your card. 

Enhances visibility, depicts creativity and pushes your brand out there

Your business card printing Singapore service ensures your edged cards push your brand out there and make it a formidable business people trust right away. The attention you put in designing and printing your cards can tell a prospective client whether you are a strong brand, serious company, keen on anything or you’re your trustworthiness. 

With added edges on your business cards, you will be creating a really strong brand. For instance, if your business is identifiable by only a single color, ensure your card edges are highlighted with it. Also, adding a color on the edges cleverly actually adds some fun and creativity; clients would translate that as how your brand, person or business is imaginative. 

Even better, rather than drab business cards that are usually white all over, an added strip of color will increase visibility. Colored edges on name cards will help you present your brand and company better before a potential client or customer anywhere. 

Once business cards are enhanced with a unique edge, it adds a special feel and a little weight on them. They are particularly better for those creatively inclined such as designers, architectures, photographers or companies that want to be identified with a specific color or shade or any other brand that want to look different and unique. 

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