Add a slogan to your custom graphics

Slogans have always been a hugely popular advertising tool. These short phrases are easy to remember and, much like a song or a jingle, they are very easily remembered and we quickly associate them with the business they are attached to. Print That Now can help you design your custom graphics and a winning logo. We can also work with you to create an unforgettable slogan that is short, sweet and a little bit edgy. 


How Do Slogans Work?

For a business to succeed, it needs to have a unique image. While humans use their sense of sight first, they need more than just a visual stimulus to connect products and services to a particular business. An eye-catching logo is essential, but it helps to have a slogan or a motto that is specific to your business. Think along the lines of the world’s largest consumer brands. You’ll either envision the logo and quickly remember the slogan or you’ll hear the slogan and conjure up the image of the logo or the products. 

Slogans Are Iconic

Create a memorable slogan and it will become an iconic part of pop culture. Think of the two most popular cola products in the world. They have iconic logos that we recognize in an instant but we also know the jingles that accompany the TV commercials. At the end of these commercials, we usually see a full screen with the logo and the all-famous slogan prominently featured underneath. 

Create A Slogan For Your Business

Finding that magical collection of words to use as your slogan is easy. However, you will need to be creative with your words. Here are a few tips to get you started:

  • Keep it short and sweet
  • Focus on what makes your business unique
  • Consider your customer demographic
  • Ask for independent opinions
  • Make sure it is easily connected to your business

You Have A Slogan, But No Graphics

It’s not unusual for a business to have a slogan before they have a logo with the accompanying graphics. Quite often these slogans come about quite by accident. Someone may say something at an opportune moment and a slogan is born. This will not pose any problems. Bring your slogan down to Print That Now and our design team will work with you to create a logo to match your catchy slogan. We can then incorporate your slogan on all of your printed stationery. It’s extremely important to feature the slogan and the logo together as often as possible so that your potential customers will always associate one with the other.

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