Creating a business image with a clothing line

To succeed in business, you need to portray yourself as a visible presence in the business community. Apart from the physical presence which is the business itself, there are other ways you can ensure you are seen in your local community. Look around at the businesses in your area. Staff members are usually outfitted in some of the company colors. 

Part of a good marketing strategy is to create an eye-catching logo and have a beautiful graphic display but to really get your message out there in your community, consider expanding your business image with a clothing line. People that know your business will easily recognize your clothing line while those who don’t will be curious about your business. Talk to the team at Print That Now and get your clothing line out there for all to see. 


Choose Everyday Pieces

Don’t overreach with the clothing you want to include in your clothing line. Very few people will be looking at a business suit with a logo on it and evening wear is out of the question. When it comes to clothing lines with logos, choose everyday pieces such as t-shirts, polo shirts, hats and jackets. These are the items that are attainable for most people so you’re more likely to be able to get these items into the community. 

Keep It Casual

While the everyday clothing pieces are sure to be popular, especially with the younger generation, you don’t need to limit your clothing line to just these. Casual clothing isn’t just about shorts and t-shirts. You can vamp up your line with button-up shirts with a logo on the breast pocket. Nothing too obvious. Just a quaint little logo so that people know whose line it is.

Pass It Around

A clothing line can get your business noticed in places where other advertising materials can’t. Posters and billboards are fine on the street, but you won’t be able to show your colors inside a restaurant or cafe with a poster. On a shirt or polo, on the other hand, you can walk into these places and advertise your business. 

Once you start passing around your clothing line to your customers, you are also sending your business image out here. Your customers can wear your clothing line in the cinemas, restaurants and cafes which will work miracles at increasing your visibility in the community. Keep in mind that your staff will also be wearing your company’s clothing line so it would be a good idea to have separate designs for your staff to wear and different ones for your customers.

Use Your Clothing For Gifts & Promotions

Who doesn’t love a freebie? Your local customers will really appreciate a “free” gift when they purchase one of your other items. For example, buy a twin pack of a soft drink for a free hat or t-shirt. This is a great way to drive sales and keep your customers loyal. You can also have these 

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