Decals for company car and more

If your business has a small fleet of cars, you definitely want to use them to advertise your business as your sales team or managers are driving around the city. Decals can be adhered to the windows or sides of the cars with a minimum of fuss and you can display all the details you need such as an address, email or a phone number. You can opt for an intricate design on the paintwork, but when it comes time to upgrade your fleet, you may need to dedicate a considerable portion of your budget to repainting the cars. Decals are small, unobtrusive and easier to remove when the vehicle is for sale. 

Don’t just consider decals for your company cars, these little stickers can be custom made to grace the outside of many other items. Talk to the team at Print That Now and we’ll show you all the cool things you can stick your custom decals to.



Decals For Equipment

Think of creating custom decals for your office equipment? Laptops are the perfect first choice for a custom decal. Laptops can go where the worker goes and having a decal stuck to the outside of the laptop ensures two important things. The first is that the laptop is easily identified as belonging to your company, the second is that the decal is basically a tiny billboard for your business. Your traveling crew will be using their laptops on long flights or train rides so you’re business message can reach a wider audience with minimal effort. 

X Marks The Spot

Decals aren’t just for cars and equipment. You can also have a large decal on the floor of your reception area. The design of the decal is entirely up to you. It can be a huge welcoming image or you can opt for arrows directing customers to the sales area. Decals on floors can be of a decorative nature or a functional one. Floor decals can also be to define specific areas or create discretionary zones much like the ones we see in banks. There are dozens of uses for floor decals and they can be incredibly useful in your business.

Executive Materials

You’ll never find an executive coming into a meeting with nothing but a piece of paper. The executive will most likely come into the meeting with a briefcase or satchel as well as a bound folder containing all the necessary notes for the meeting. Folders are an integral part of any administration and you can give your executive folders a winning look with personalized decals. Not only can you use a folder with a decal for carrying your notes, but you can also have one made up for every person attending the meeting to hold all the briefs, memos and a notepad for taking notes during the meeting. You can also add decals to hardcover books and other implements.

Call Print That Now and let us show you the range of decals we can offer, From cars to shop fronts and even office supplies, we can help you create the perfect decal for all of your needs.

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