Why Hire Us?

Our origins are in fine quality design, so as you might expect, both print and design are second nature to us. Many printing companies have branched out into design; we are one of the few that has done the opposite. To us it’s a natural progression of the things we do best. After all, every great print starts with a great design.

All under one roof

Stunning quality comes from having the right knowledge, experience, technology and, we believe, going that extra mile to get it right; working with pride. We expanded into printing because it gives us complete control over the end product to see every project through correctly and with a touch of flare. We can handle every step of the process and we can move effortlessly between design and print. It’s nice to have everything under one roof.

Quick and precise

Because we are familiar with the jargons of both print and design and have a talented, hand-picked team of seasoned designers and printers, you can trust that your project, whether purely printed, designed, or both, will be brought to life precisely as you wish and with an efficient workflow that saves you time and hassle.

Suited to your budget

One of the benefits of a graphics firm extending its services to include printing is that no third parties have to be hired. This saves our customers money, and we do everything we can to say yes, no matter what your budget or how large the scope of your project. We love what we do, and we want this to shine through in our products, but we don’t believe this should cost extra. We compete on price. The touch of class we add is just our way of saying, ‘Hire us!’



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