The Science Of Color – How Choosing The Right Color Can Help Your Business

Have you ever wondered why you are automatically drawn to some colors more than others? There is a reason why we associate some thoughts and feelings with color and this can be explained by color psychology. In short, the science of color. We humans are emotional beings and often draw back on personal experiences when we are exposed to certain colors. 

Many color psychology experts have come to the conclusion that certain colors are more suitable for certain businesses. As an example, the color red is often used in the food industry as it plays on our appetites and makes us feel hungry. Look at some of the biggest names in the food industry and you’re certain to see red, even in small doses. 

Which Colors Are Best To Draw Attention?

One of the most difficult questions to answer when designing a logo to be used on business stationery and merchandise is which colors to use. Quite simply, some colors attract the eye more than others. Any one of the primary colors is a great place to start as they are the colors we first recognize and identify as children. 

However, if every business only used primary colors in their marketing, they would all blend into each other and none of them would stand out. It’s important to incorporate a little bit of individuality into your brand and this means using other colors that speak of the type of image you want to be portrayed. 

Colors Leave A Lasting Impression

Colors Leave A Lasting Impression

The science of colors has become a critical tool to be used in creating and marketing a particular brand. Different colors evoke different emotions and even more so when customers are committing to a purchase. People tend to shop with their hearts instead of their heads. The colors used to market a brand are designed to motivate potential customers to purchase the products and services of the business and leave a lasting impression and inspire a loyal customer base. 

Don’t Overlook Personal Preferences

There is no denying the magic of incorporating color psychology into your marketing strategy but don’t overlook your own personal preferences. If you feel a particular affinity to a color, then you should incorporate that into your logo. A good consultant will get to know you and will not force a color scheme on you that you don’t like. If it’s not pleasing to you, then it most likely won’t be for your customers either.

What Do Colors Say In Business?

Before you start adding color to your brand, it’s good to know what the colors will be saying to your customers. Here’s a quick breakdown of the most popular colors.

  • White: Purity, cleanliness, simplicity
  • Black: Elegance & power
  • Silver: High tech & glamor
  • Gold: Prosperity & opulence
  • Blue: Serenity, trust, security & loyalty
  • Green: Health, growth & finance
  • Red: Passion, energy & love
  • Yellow: Intellect & creativity
  • Brown: Earthiness & familiarity
  • Purple: Royalty, luxury & spirituality
  • Grey: Reliability & intelligence
  • Pink: Playfulness & femininity
  • Orange: Courage & confidence

Call Print That Now and talk to one of our consultants today. We’ll help you navigate your way around the magical world of color to choose the perfect ones for you and your business. 

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