Sticker Printing For Multiple Purposes

Looking for a cost-effective way to get your business noticed? Why not get a few different sizes of sticker packs from Print That Now? Sticker printing is a serious business and can be a valuable tool to promote your business and get seen in a variety of different places. 

Label Your Personal And Work Items

Laptops, tablets and smartphones are all convenient portable devices but in a meeting room full of people you don’t want to waste precious time looking for your digital devices. Having a pack of stickers with your company logo on them is a great way to identify your personal and work items. Use these stickers for your company’s digital devices as well as notebooks, diaries and folders. This is a simple way to ensure you can always spot your items when you want to retrieve them fast.

Kids will also get a kick out of having their own personal stickers for the books and other school gear. You can create your own fun designs or let Print That Now design stickers that will give back-to-school labeling a personal touch.

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Special Stickers For Teachers

Ask any child if they like stickers and most of them will say they love them.  If you’re a teacher, treat your students to special stickers for work well done or reward them for completing tasks and good behavior. You can have a special sticker pack for anything from good grades to excellent art projects or winning school races. Stickers are a great way to keep the kids motivated as they can show off their achievements with brightly colored stickers with motivational praise or messages.

Add Stickers To Promotional Materials

Print That Now can help you create a complete promotional package for your next sales drive or a display at an industry convention. Adding stickers to your promotional materials can be targeted to a special sales promotion or to the materials at your table at an industry convention. Stickers are cost-effective and easy to apply. Most improtan6tly, they are eye-catching and you can add any message you want to the stickers to communicate with your current and potential customers. 

Pass Them Around

Give your customers stickers featuring your company logo and watch your business grow. People find the most curious places to adhere stickers to including cars, digital devices, backpacks, folders … the list goes on. As they move around the city they are inadvertently advertising your business as they walk around the city, visit coffee shops, go to lectures at university and any other place they happen to visit with your stickers proudly displayed. You’ll be advertising around the city without leaving your office if you pass around the right stickers.

Quality Stickers Done Right

For promotional stickers to be an effective marketing tool, they need to be done right. This means using the best quality paper products and printing methods that ensure the stickers won’t fade into insignificance. Print That Now uses the best printing paper and high-definition printing methods that will keep your stickers looking great long after you’ve handed them to customers. Call us today and get the stickers you need to get your message out there.

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