Why investment in branding is crucial for your business

Branding is a crucial marketing technique that can expand your customer outreach. It is an expense but here at Print That Now we can provide professional branding for your company for a reasonable price. Keep reading to understand why branding is so important and our incredible bargains on merchandise for your business. 


Essential branding throughout your office alone gives your company a professional edge. You can create primary office branding for minimal cost with our help at Print That Now. An example being our customisable mugs for just $15, which can be personalised with your logo or as a gift with your employee’s names! Similarly, you can have your logo printed into sticker format for door fronts, windows and any office space for just $4.50 an A3 sticker! 

Business beyond the office 

As sound as it to have branding throughout the office, you need to make sure it reaches your customer in other more likely settings. 

What we’re saying is; how many of your customers will see your in-house branding? Our suggestion to make your branding go further with flyers and posters that are portable and increase your customer outreach. We provide customisable envelopes 500 for $120 and letterheads 50 for $41.50, perfect for sending your brand to new horizons! Branding must be consistent in and out of house; set this matter straight with our wide range of marketing materials to send your brand above and beyond. 

Branding is a significant investment, we encourage, as a marketing tool to raise awareness of your brand and what it offers. Print That Now makes any business merchandise professional and can provide this to fit any budget no matter how big or small. Branding is a short term investment that, if distributed well, will be returned quickly.

Contact us to get a personalised quote for your business today! 

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